About GeoPostOffices

A GeoPostOffice (GPO) is a cache which is placed to hold postcards. You can find a GPO as several cachetypes, but it's common to list a GPO as Letterbox.
You can find a logbook to sign and stamp (if you have an own) in every GPO, like in other caches too.
The special thing about a GeoPostOffice is that there are 2 boxes/ziplog bags or similar to hold INCOMING and OUTGOING GeoMail.
Also you will often find a stamp and ink-pad to stamp GeoMail and your personal logbook.

How does the whole GeoMail thing work?
If you like to send an GeoMail, just grab a postcard and wirte it. As address you just write the name of the cacher, the cache-code of the destination and the country or region of the cache your GeoMail is supposed to travel to. Please remember to add you own cachingname too. When choosing the destination cache please remember that it has to be big enough to hold your mail.
The next step is to stamp the GeoMail at the GPO an leave it in the OUTGOING box.
You should also add an logentry containing the destination of your GeoMail.
The next cachers will find your GeoMail and take it with them if they travel in the right direction. They will drop your GeoMail at an appropriate cache where the next cacher can find it. After some time your mail will arrive its destination.

If you drop GeoMail into a GPO make sure you drop it into the OUTGOING box if it hasn't reached its destination yet.
If the GPO is the destination a GeoMail is supposed to travel to, place it into the INCOMING box.

The sender wants to know where the GeoMail is, so please write a short message, if you drop an GeoMail or just use the GeoPostOffice.com-Webservice, if the sender has added an Trackingcode to his GeoMail.

In you logentry please write that you grabbed/droped a GeoMail.

You should pack your GeoMail into something which prevents the mail to get wet i.e. transparent film.

You don't want to send closed envelopes as GeoMail. That's because no one likes to transport something without knowing what is inside.

GeoPostOffices are often listed as TB-hotel too, because of the size which is required to hold postcards also allows to hold several TBs.
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